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riduco y sofasa
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historia riduco plasticos

The origin of the company dates back to 1957, in which time a renowned jeweler in the city, Mr. Julio Rivas Gutiérrez installs in Manizales a small reparation workshop, which adapts and constructs metal parts; a year later he acquires Machinery to work with pipes, wire, foil and dies.

In 1964 Mr. Rivas Gutierrez prefers to continue with his jewelry business and decides to sell his small workshop. Given this fact, his son shows interest in this workshop and decides to keep working on it visualizing a potential industrial growth.

In 1969 the Society Rivas Durán and Company Limited "RIDUCO" is created. Then, with 13 employees, emerging as the leading products of iron ring, cork guns, whistles shaped like a rooster, locks, buckles and fasteners for luggage, obtaining the first achievements in the industrial field.

The growing demand takes time to investigate everything related to industrial processes of GALVANOPLASTIA, and this is how in 1973 centrifuge equipment is purchased together with   and current rectifier tanks and drums to offer galvanized electrolytic services of high quality.

The enterprising spirit of the members make them think in a product that is supplemented with iron, which began with the manufacture of hard covers or ring folders. This idea becomes the starting point of the now consolidated field of Plastic Manufactures.

In 1974 as a complement to the hardware rings, the first production of plastic folders begins as in line production for CARVAJAL Y CIA LTDA.

In 1978, aware of the need to diversify the production, a thriving business of the production of injected plastic parts is visualized, for which the first injection machines are acquired  expanding the portfolio of products with clients such as Manisol, Hilos Cadena and Varta among others.

In 1984, given the growing demand for school and office supplies in rigid plastic, it is indispensable to acquire extrusion machines for the production of sheet films.

During the period between the years 1988 and 1989, the first contacts were made with INARCA today Mabe, a company that represents a potential customer for Riduco.

In 1994, in compliance with the requirements of this customer, new productive processes are implemented  such as printing on heat, high frequency, and Screen Tampography.
During the same year as a complementary process to the extrusion area, the area of thermo-formed and routed is born.

Also in 1994 Legis SA becomes a customer of school and office supplies making us pioneers in the Latin American market for products made of polypropylene.

In 1996, in a partner supplier relationship Mabe supports the expansion of the physical and Industrial plant representing an important fact for employment generation and of the entrepreneurial  development of  the city, to respond to the expansion of the  no-frost line.

In 2003,Riduco ventures into the line of own products with the manufacturing of plastic furniture and obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

In 2005, with the aim of projecting the company into other markets, there initiates the process of purchasing the land located in the industrial sector of La Enea, giving way to a new stage of Riduco.

By then, Riduco ventures into the automotive sector, being selected among the different companies in the Andean Region to become a supplier of Sofasa (Renault) in large plastic parts. At the same time the company is assigned a significant share in the manufacture of new plastic beer crates for Bavaria (Sab Miller).

Today its main clients are represented byfirms recognized  in the National and International area, such as Mabe, Bavaria (Sab Miller), Sofasa (Renault), Fábrica Buencafé Liofilizado, Descafecol, Argos, Corona, Kimberly Clark, Legis, Mepal, Suzuki, Fanalca-Honda, Ayco, Teknum, Forsa, among others.

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