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Riduco S.A has the equipment, machinery, high technology and technical expertise necessary to meet the production requirements of molds, dies and tooling maintenance.
Working from drawings supplied by the customer or prototype parts from the final model of complex parts.

We have areas of design and maintenance tools, trained personnel, and experts specializing in the maintenance of tooling, which ensures security, reliability and warranty repair and manufacture.


The department has qualified technical staff, to design parts and assemblies, working with the latest generation of technology applications:

• Solidworks
• Delcam:
  - Powershape
  - Power mill
  - Copycad
  - Art cam
• Autocad
• Machining centers. Load capacity up to 7 tons and dimensions of 2 * 2 meters * 0.90 meters tall.
• Milling
• Lathes. Capacity up to 600 meters and 2 meters in length.
• Three-dimensional scanner.
• Electro erosional penetration. 750 * 650 mm and depth of penetration up to 200 mm.
• Electro erosional cutting thread. Cut up to 12 cm thick, with wire diameter of 0.10 to 0.35 mm.
• Electro erosional drilling. Perforations from 0.2 mm to 4 mm and lengths up to 300 mm.
• Laser welding and mig.
• Grinding rectifier.
• Wax injection machines for mold testing.

All movements of finished product are made through mobile units in wireless environment, allowing systems to keep current inventories, optimizing the times of delivery and  provision of products.

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