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In Riduco, we are at the forefront of technology and innovation applied to the processes and products to ensure competitiveness achieving high quality products.
As we have 62 injection machines of the latest technology, with capabilities to inject up to 17 kilograms in products machines with locking force from 7 Ton to 4000 Ton.

To complement the injection process we have:

• Dispensers material, volumetric and gravimetric.
• Power material vacuum systems.
• Machinery of injectors 2 and 3 colors and / or materials.
• Extraction of pieces of robot-assisted 3 to 6 axes.
• Gas-assisted injection.
• Sequential.
• Dehumidifiers and drying material.
• Bridge crane systems for assembly of molds.
• Cooling systems, air-and thermo-regulation for molds.

Among the materials we work in our transformation process are:

• Polystyrene
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Nylon
• Kepital
• Polycarbonate
• Etc.



In our assembly lines we have stamping equipments, ultrasonic sealing, radio frequency, vibration welding robots and automated processes.



To complement injected and extruded products, we have systems for decoration of the pieces.
• Printing bas-relief
• Printing to tape
• Labeling in the injection process (label in mold) and
• Printing with Tampographyc with possibility of printing 1 to 6 inks.



Riduco Laboratory has a quality Laboratory that supports the process according to customer requirements.

We have equipment such as: 

- Plastic - meter
- Spectrophotometer
- Shine - meter
- Moisture Meter
- Visual comparison test of colors in light camera
- Photo  color- meter
- Surface Tension
- Impact Test
- Free Fall
- Test of resistance to stress
- Evidence of accelerated aging 
- Inspection of grain size

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