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Linea Blanca

With a great track record and experience of 21 years in this sector, we are at present one of the leading providers of MABE, making many of the plastic pieces in the current production of refrigerators.
These pieces are produced through processes of Injection, Extrusion, Thermoforming, Routing and Assembly.
Among the pieces produced for this sector are:

• Fixed Shelves, Inclined Shelves, Double Capacity, Sliders, Multipurpose, Ice Cream, Frozen, Eggs, Dairy.
• Meat, Vegetable and Thawing Trays.
• Temperature Control boxes.
• Meat, Ice and Vegetable Drawers.
• Ice Containers.
• Compressor Covers, Evaporator, Dairy, and Tower Freezer.
• Air Diffuser and Freezer.
• Freezer Duct - Refrigerator.
• Upper, Lower, intermediate, Rives and Handle Rivets.
• Refrigerator and Freezer Handle Bases.
• Refrigerator and Freezer Handle Covers.
• Evaporator Frame and Lid Frame Vegetable Drawer.
• Egg Containers.
• Doors Evaporator.
• Doors Cheese Butter.
• Bottles and Tray Dividers.
• Support Ice Mold.
• Caps Vegetable and Meat Trays.
• FreezerTowers.
• Extruded sheets Thermoforming.
• And some smaller pieces such as Pins, Doorstops, Spacers, Hinges Spacers, among others.

For most of these pieces we additionally provide Printing Services (Silkscreen) processes Screen Printing, Tampography and Heat Printing.


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