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responsabilidad social riduco plasticos

RIDUCO S.A. makes a contribution to the community which is reflected in a business with ethical principles, strict attention to the laws and with the intention of assuring that its employees will be citizens of moral, social and professional values; as part of this philosophy, the company has among its objectives to contribute to the economic and social progress in the region and country.


Riduco has the commitment to continuously promote the integrity and security of the people always developing programs of Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene and Preventive Labor Medicine.

"SAFE TERRITORY" this has been the Leading Program in Occupational Health as it seeks to protect and maintain the welfare, both physical and mental, of all the staff, resulting in significant decreases in the rate of accidents.
This program is a leader in actions focused on the prevention of the occurrence of work accidents and risks at their source; it also promotes the self - care workers, including control of risks in each of the new tasks and routines.

Under the methodology, of the 5Ss, the A.S.L.O program was born, which promotes the culture of Cleanliness, Security, and Order projecting its application as a personal style guiding the organization towards the preservation of good practices for the operation of machinery and equipment and optimization of resources, making efficient use while minimizing any loss.


Riduco its Environmental Policy se commits itself to respect natural processes and the environment in general, to this end, the guidelines include establishing mechanisms for education and advocacy for the use of clean technologies, waste management and proper use of non-renewable resources.


Riduco Executes programs of community development through the implementation of satellite workshops where we support social non profit organizations that seek to contribute to the development of communities of strata 1 and 2 with high-risk characteristics such as CONFUTURO which gives people of this social status the opportunity to assemble parts of the productive area of semi-manufactured plastic.

Under this method, we also support the FUNDACION NIÑOS DE LOS ANDES program that brings together a population of young people, abandoned and, displaced by violence, drug and alcohol problems among others; and they have managed to step forward in their rehabilitation process; in 2008 we managed to employ more than 20 youths.

riduco colombia plasticos  riduco colombia plasticos

Since 2006 Riduco has participated in an Educational Project whose objective is aimed to contribute with the improvement of the quality of training of the Public Schools of Manizales, through the "Business for Education," social organization that seeks the transformation of the Colombian educational system.

Riduco has a strategic alliance with the school Eugenio Paccelli bringing together 1,400 students from preschool, primary and secondary school, our work has focused on providing technical support to teachers to achieve the quality certification process and also conducts the provision of an aid package of school supplies for each academic year.

riduco colombia plasticos  riduco colombia plasticos


Riduco within its human management policy seeks to develop  permanent welfare programs that support the quality of life of our employees doing different recreational, cultural and appreciative activities and generating a good respectful and committed working environment,  facilitating teamwork as well as satisfaction and consolidation of Riduco Culture.

riduco colombia plasticos  riduco colombia plasticos  riduco colombia plasticos


expresses its clear desire of self regulation, for which it is committed to focus its activities in accordance with the principles enunciated in the Constitution, laws, regulations and other corporate principles directed towards an integrated management, with ethical principles and values representing  all its stakeholders.


is against any corrupt practices; to prevent combat such practices; it adopts the following steps as a minimum:

Promulgar las normas éticas y advertir sobre la determinación inquebrantable de cumplirlas en el desarrollo ordinario de las actividades.

  • To promote the signing of pacts of integrity and transparency in its interior and with other entities.
  • To ensure that all procedures are clear, feasible and transparent.
  • To report the irregular behavior to the competent entities and authorities.
  • To present accountability to stakeholders, ensuring reliability and confidentiality of information.
  • To guide its actions by the principles and values set out in this document.

undertakes to ensure that its workers and employees who handle confidential information and that related to intellectual property may not be published or known by others. Those who violate these confidentiality agreements or arrangements shall be punished in accordance with the disciplinary system.

None of the interest groups, i.e. stakeholders, can directly or indirectly use confidential and privileged information of the entity for their own interests.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of information and intellectual property of the company, all acts include provisions relating to contractual rights.


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