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Riduco plasticos

The products and services that we handled in Riduco go from the manufacture and commercialization to the service post sale for two different sectors, one is the line of own products as movable and articles of home and the other it is the industrial sector, towards which Riduco has oriented its attention during most of its enterprise trajectory.
Our industrial processes are realised through the technology of injection and extrusion, besides complementary processes as they are the impression by tampografía, stamping to the heat and screen, additionally seals by ultrasound, vibration, high frequency and joints. Also we counted on processes of support for the maintenance and manufacture of molds and dies.
Our knowledge and experience have been fortified with commercial bonds long play with companies like Mabe, Legis, Carvajal, Sofasa, Bavaria, national Federation of Coffee Makes Freeze-dried Coffee among others.
Our logistic of supplying and distribution it is constituted in another element of very important competitiveness. We have distinguished ourselves for being a company with a level highly effective service which includes processes of uninterrupted supply and just in time.
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